Sivia Gold and The BETR Journey

Horse Training without Force or Pressure

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The BETR Journey

The BETR (pronounced better) Journey is a clear and simple horse training approach that utilizes The BIG Eraser and The Triple R to systematically, step by simple step, develop a harmonious relationship with your horse and wonderful, if not magical, interactions on the ground and in the saddle, without using force, pressure, or treats.

On The BETR Journey, you will learn how to:

  • Train your horse without force or pressure by using your horse's desire to move toward comfort, not by using your horse's desire to move away from discomfort or pressure.
  • Attain and maintain the health and soundness of your horse.
  • Know what your horse is thinking/feeling in every moment.
  • Eliminate resistance and bad behavior without using force or pressure.
  • Assist your horse in releasing tension and becoming relaxed in every situation.
  • Stay in the moment when interacting with your horse.
  • Self diagnose areas of physical discomfort and assist your horse in healing them.
  • Inspire your horse to want to please you.
  • Develop a relationship of deep mutual trust.
  • Access and develop the thinking side of your horse’s brain.
  • Assist your horse in achieving peak performance potential.

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